Red Hot Chilli Slimming Gel

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Red Hot Chilli Slimming Gel

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This product select green and natural Mexico chilli which is recognize by the worldwide as the most effective plant for slimming and beautifying skin, formulated with konjak, lotus leaf, tuckahoe, pawpaw as main ingredients, adopting bioactive extraction, nanometer cell disruption and precisely studied.

Extracted ingredients have the functions as follow:

1. invigorating blood circulation and penetrating ability can prevent fat deposit

2. burn fat and promote metabolism

3. greatly lipoclasis genes accelerate to cleaning deep fat

4. stimulate secretion of hormonesm, adjust morbid oberity caused by endocrine dyscrasia

5. stimulate intestines and acceralate the fat disolution in food 6. supplement the vitamins and minerals in human body and nourish skin

Main ingredients: chilli extract, konjak, lotus leaf, tuckahoe, pawpaw

Function ingredient: per 100g contains general flavone more than 200mg

Healthcare function: slimming and beautifying skin Applicable people: simple obesity, intractable obesity and those who repeatedly lose weight is invalid

Inapplicable people: children and pregnant women

Specification: 300mg*6pills*5small box

Dosage: one time a day, every time a pill, can take alone in morning or together with food

Storage method: put in cool and dry place

Attention: this product can not substitute medicines.

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